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Saint-Valentine's Day History


2016 - Sunday, February 14th


Classical Antiquity Mid of February, link did between love and fertility in Ancient Greece calendar.
498 Three Christian martyrs named Saint Valentine by the Pope. Their feast was set for February 14.
14th century Belief that birds choose their mate on February 14. (England).
14th century Lovers send messages in which they name the recipient as their Valentine.
Mid 14th century England Captain and poet Othon de Grandson made known the tradition of sending love messages in his writings.
15th century The French Duke, Charles d'Orléans was taken prisoner by the English during a war. After his release, he made known the Othon de Grandson poem's to the French court. He wrote many poems about Saint Valentine.
16th century to early 19th century The tradition of Valentine is lost in the Latin world.

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